Presented By Social Currant

Beyond the Buzz: Strategies for Nonprofits to Maximize Impact with Social Media Influencers

Thursday, May 30th 03:00 PM to 3:45 PM Eastern Time

Social Currant is a platform designed to connect nonprofits with content creators who share their mission and values. With Social Currant, nonprofits gain access to automated payment systems, contract management tools, and a database of carefully vetted influencers whom they can engage with to further their cause.

In this webinar, we will cover

  • How to gain an understanding of the role creators play in our digital landscape.
  • Tips and best practices for how you can activate content creators.
  • How to build relationships with influencers that will bring you more awareness.

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About the presenter:

Ashwath is the co-founder at Social Currant. He founded Social Currant in 2020, while he was in college and continues to advice some of the largest nonprofits in the country around how they can leverage the power of influencers to reach audiences more effectively.

About Social Currant: Social Currant is a platform that matches nonprofits with content creators based on their mission and values. Access automated payments, contracts and a database of vetted influencers that you can activate.