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Nonprofit Board Management: Save Time, Boost Board Engagement, Increase Clarity, and Simplify Your Life

Have you ever jumped out of bed, thrilled to prepare for your next board meeting? 

What if engaging with your board was easier, faster, more streamlined, and organized? …saving you time, energy, and resources. What if the entire process was even a little bit… fun?

“The idea for Easy Board came while serving on a couple of local boards, including our chamber of commerce and a higher education leadership board.” says Nate Nordstrom, founder of Easy Board “It just seemed like there’s got to be a better way to run the board operations instead of email threads and paperwork. And when we needed to find old notes or send updates, it was just a clunky process that got assigned to the already overworked admin assistant or the Executive Director.”

After a year of market research and working with local nonprofit boards in Rochester, Minnesota, Nate and team decided to pursue the idea of a dedicated board management software. 

The platform was eventually named Easy Board, and is now helping leadership teams and volunteer boards better connect and advance their mission across the country.

Community action groups, local impact organizations, public municipal boards, credit unions, animal service organizations, higher education, musical boards and orchestras, and many more are using Easy Board to help simplify their board operations and ongoing management.

Key Features & Benefits of Easy Board

Magic Links

For most boards, the most important “feature” of Easy Board is the simplicity. It truly is easy. For example, Magic Links is a feature that allows board members to access meeting details and documents without needing to log in. If your board is like most, there are at least a few folks who don’t want to use anything new, regardless of how slick or easy it is. You are not alone! Magic Links make it easy as butter for every board member of every age and technical ability to engage with your new tools at Easy Board.

NEW: Engage Your Board with Polls & Questions

Gather feedback, ask questions, or send out a poll! Any information you want to gather is just a few clicks away, from simple yes/no responses to written replies. Engaging with your board has never been easier.

NEW: Easily Coordinate a Meeting Time

Unsure when to hold a board or committee meeting? Instead of numerous emails or a Doodle poll, this handy new feature saves you and your entire board time! Easily post a meeting and collect date/time votes from invited attendees, then select and finalize the date with just a click. You might be left wondering where this has been all your life.

Better Meetings

Board meetings don’t have to be complicated. Easy Board gives you the tools to schedule meetings, post updates, send automatic reminders, attach agendas, and view RSVPs. And the easy search tool means anyone can find anything, fast.

Stronger Human Connections

Board relationships are a key part of your organization’s success. Easy Board allows users to access fellow board members’ titles, roles, committees, contact information, term limits, and more. And, all of this is customizable to fit exactly your needs and preferences.

Easily Organize All Your Board Documents & Files

Do you feel frustrated with Google Drive, Dropbox, Sharepoint, or other similar tools? We felt the same way before using Easy Bard. Easy Board makes it simpler than ever to keep your essential board docs organized and shared with the right board and committee members. Nothing fancy, just effective.

Security First

For over ten years, the team has been responsible for large-scale websites and applications for some of the world’s largest businesses and healthcare institutions. They treat your data with utmost care so you can rest easy 24/7. Optional 2-Factor Authentication is also available.

90 Day ‘Love It’ Guarantee

Easy Board ensures you have all the training and support you need to succeed, and even have a little fun along the way. If you don’t love Easy Board, simply ask for a full refund.

Award-Winning Customer Service

The Easy Board customer service and success team is always ready to help with a smile. Email, phone, video… whatever you need to ensure your questions are answered and everything is running smoothly. 

Top-Rated on Capterra by Gartner

Easy Board is top-rated worldwide across all nonprofit board management tools due to its ease of use, high user adoption rate, and customer satisfaction. Awarded “Front Runners” and “Best Ease of Use” in 2022 and 2023… with 2024 awards to be announced very soon.

Easy Board Customer Comments

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