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Supercharge Your Fundraising with Funraise’s Next-Level Technology!

Hey there, nonprofits! If you’re on a mission to find the best way to fundraise, you’ve come to the right place: Funraise! This user-friendly online platform makes it easy for people to give money to nonprofits. We’re talking about a platform that not only helps you get donations but also saves you money—bringing your vision closer than ever.

What is Funraise?

Funraise is an online fundraising platform designed to help nonprofit organizations raise money more effectively and efficiently. We provide a suite of tools and features designed to simplify the fundraising process, engage donors, and maximize the impact of charitable efforts.

But Funraise is more than that; as fundraisers and nonprofit people, we’re your partner, providing tools, support, and a dynamic fee structure that helps you help others.

Check out some of our innovative features:

Campaign Sites

The nonprofit industry’s easiest-to-use, most beautiful fundraising campaign site builder. Click-click-build—and raise! 

Intelligent Reporting

These aren’t your grandma’s reports. Funraise’s Fundraising Intelligence feature allows you to visualize your fundraising data in ways you’ve never imagined. 

Donation Forms

With a 50% conversion rate, Funraise’s exciting embedded donation forms deliver the best giving experience around.


Fire up your fundraising by leveraging the power of your most dedicated supporters’ social circles through peer-to-peer fundraisers.

Customer Support

We’re here for you! Funraise customers get results because your success is our mission.

Funraise sets nonprofits up to make more and save more—Here’s how

A flexible fundraising model

Funraise’s innovative Donors Cover Fees model has delivered more than just donations since its inception.

  • Funraise’s Donors Cover Fees model has generated over $8M to cover fees
  • Nonprofits using Funraise have 100% platform fee coverage
  • Funraise’s fee coverage tools have reduced effective processing fees to an average of 1.5% in 2022
  • In addition to platform fee coverage, Funraise’s tools have continued to cover $3.5M in processing fees
  • About 90% of donors choose to cover fees when making a donation to a nonprofit using Funraise

Funraise is the growth-oriented fundraising platform

But don’t take it from us—when nonprofits grow, the numbers show! With Funraise, nonprofits outpace industry standards—by a lot. Annual online revenue growth is 3x faster than the industry average. Plus Funraise customers raise 2x more than the industry standard through P2P campaigns, increase online revenue by 73%, and grow recurring revenue 52% annually.

Tips for buying software

At Funraise, we’ve been in your shoes (and we still are!) Buying software on a budget, with fundraising goals looming and needs that only experienced nonprofiteers understand—it’s stressful! Here are our best tips to help you partner with a technology provider that understands you.

Our #1 tip straight from experienced buyers: “Changing the way you view technology will radically change your organization’s growth trajectory.”

Don’t be afraid to take a deeper look at your technology investments.

Ask the right questions

The best nonprofit partners trust their tech providers to do the innovating—but they make sure that they only partner with true innovators, like Funraise. Instead of a routine checklist, these savvy buyers evaluate Funraise’s roadmap and envision how it intersects with their strategic plan. They ask, “Where are you headed as a platform? How do you plan to solve the problem I’m going to encounter 3 years from now—that I can’t even predict yet? What innovations do you have planned that will extend my nonprofit’s growth and increase my impact?”

Identify your pain points

The most common pain point that we hear from nonprofits moving to Funraise is a lack of support at their current platform. When you call, email, chat… and still can’t get in touch with anyone, well, it’s impossible to make the best use of the technology that you’ve invested in.

Funraise’s award-winning Customer Success and Technical Services teams strive to be a bridge between you and your fundraising software. It’s one of our favorite offerings, and the biggest reason Funraise gets rave reviews and has a 110% net renewal rate.

Include opportunity cost in your buying process

Opportunity cost is the lack-of-investment cost. The cost of the thing you didn’t do. It sounds like money you didn’t spend, but opportunity cost is the actual cost, in dollars and cents, of the action you declined to take. Forward-thinking fundraisers know that the actual financial gain you missed out on by not taking an action is just as real as a financial investment that came out of your bank account.

Start thinking of technology as an investment

The big question: How much does Funraise cost? But even more: How will investing in Funraise change my revenue potential? Is my revenue potential with Funraise 3x-5x? Time to think bigger: At Funraise, we’re often shooting for minimum 10x for our users—all the way up to 1000x. (Yep, you read that right.)

Fundraising platform cost savings for the budget-conscious nonprofit

So once you’ve maximized all that ROI and practiced your purchasing prowess, how do you make the most of your technology investment? Here are 5 ways Funraise helps you do just that.

Understanding Costs

Let’s use an example to evaluate your fundraising technology costs. Most fundraising platforms easily charge 5.7% plus 30 cents for each donation you get. If your nonprofit raises $200,000 online each year, you could end up paying over $11,400 in fees! And that’s not even counting the extra 30 cents for each donation. It adds up to a minimum of $15,000 each year, and it goes up as you raise more money.

But wait, there’s a better way with Funraise!

Donors Cover Fees

Funraise does things differently. Where some platforms let donors choose to cover fees, Funraise takes it a step further. When donors decide to cover fees during the donation, the 2.2% Stripe fee is covered, too! That means you get 102.2% of the donation you were supposed to get.

Even if donors don’t cover fees, Funraise won’t charge you any extra. We want to be your partner and help you grow without making you spend more money. And we have the numbers to prove it: In the last two years alone, Funraise has generated over $8M to cover nonprofit fees. 

Fantastic Support

Now, let’s talk about support. Some platforms have support that feels like waiting in line. Not Funraise! We offer 1:1 support. That means nonprofits that opt into our support package get their own helper, a Success Manager—No waiting in line, and you can ask anything, not just technical stuff. We’re available through phone, live chat, email, text, and even Zoom calls!

People love our support so much that they keep coming back to us and trusting us with more of their needs, which is why our net retention rates are 110% and growing!

No Limits

Guess what? Funraise doesn’t like limits. You can have as many team members and admins as you want, and we won’t charge you extra. And records? Funraise’s Enterprise customers have no limit on those, either. We believe your whole team should be part of making great things happen.

Growing Together

Choosing a fundraising platform is like choosing a friend for the future. Funraise has proven to help nonprofits like yours do amazing things. Check out these cool stats:

  • Organizations using Funraise grew their online revenue by 73% on average year-over-year—3X the industry average.
  • Recurring revenue grew by 52% on average.
  • Funraise’s donation form conversion rate is 50%
  • P2P fundraisers on Funraise raised $1220 on average, double the best programs out there.
  • Peer-to-peer programs increase by 83% when using Funraise’s Facebook integration.

Imagine this: If you switched to Funraise raising $200,000 a year and paced with our average year-over-year growth, you might raise $346,000 in just one year! That’s an extra $146,000! All by choosing Funraise. Cool, right?

So, when you think about choosing a fundraising platform, think about a friend that helps you grow and succeed. Think about Funraise!

Power ups to maximize your fundraising platform investment

We’re not done yet! Did you know that when people visit Funraise’s dynamic donation form, half of them end up making a donation? That means if two donors visit, one of them is likely to give. Now, let’s spill the beans on how you can also make your donation forms super successful with Funraise’s awesome tricks and tools.

1. Card-Updater Genie

Sometimes donors forget to update their donation info when they get a new card. But with Funraise’s card-updater genie, it happens automatically, so you won’t lose those monthly donations.

2. Automated Retention emails

Funraise can send emails to remind donors when their card is about to expire. It’s like a friendly poke to say, “Hey, don’t forget to keep supporting!”

3. Mobile Optimization

These days, people use their phones to do everything. With Funraise, donating is super easy through your smartphone, making it convenient for everyone.

4. Donor Portal

Donors can manage their recurring donations, credit cards, and more in one place with Funraise’s donor portal app. Easy peasy!

5. Lots of Payment Options

Funraise lets donors use different ways to pay, like Apple Pay or credit cards, so everyone can donate how they like.

6. P2P Push Notifications

Funraise has an app that sends reminders to people doing peer-to-peer fundraisers. It’s like a little cheerleader to help them get more donations.

7. AppealAI

Funraise’s cool AI feature helps you write appealing messages to ask for donations. It’s AI made just for nonprofiteers!

8. Magic Links for Payments

If a donor forgets to update their credit card info, Funraise sends them a special link so they can make the update without any trouble.

9. Monthly Upgrade

One-time donors are asked to consider giving every month. It’s like turning a one-time friend into a forever friend.

10. Personalized Ask Strings

Funraise’s machine learning tools help pick the right donation amount based on past donor behavior with your nonprofit. 

11. Abandoned Cart Reminder

If someone almost donates, Funraise reminds them of their pending gift. It’s like saying, “Are you sure you want to miss out on doing something awesome?”

12. Funraise App

With Funraise’s app, nonprofits can collect donations wherever they are. No need to worry about missing out!

13. Text Engagement

People love texting, right? Funraise lets you send texts for donations or to keep supporters abreast of disasters or upcoming events. Texting is the modern way to talk about helping out.

14. Contextual Giving Experience

With Funraise’s embedded forms, you can embed custom donation forms into your website wherever you want, ensuring you meet every donor where they are.

15. Multi-Step Forms

Accessibility, mobility, transparency—and an amazing conversion rate! All great reasons to use Funraise’s proven-to-work multi-step donation forms

These are just some of the things that make Funraise great at getting lots of people to donate. Every day, Funraise is working hard to make donating easy and fun.

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