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Unlock the Power of Nonprofit Storytelling with MemoryFox

Stories have the power to inspire, connect, and drive change. When harnessed effectively, they can bring your organization’s mission to life and make a lasting impact on your community. However, many nonprofits experience at least one of the following barriers when it comes to reaching their storytelling goals:

  1. Collecting content from our community is like pulling teeth.
  2. Organizing content is frustrating and very time-consuming.
  3. We need a more efficient and modern way to share our story.

We believe that every nonprofit has great stories to tell. So, we built MemoryFox

What is MemoryFox?

MemoryFox is a technology platform built to help nonprofits collect, organize and share stories directly from their community. With MemoryFox, you and your team can easily curate powerful stories, enabling you to amplify your message and increase your reach. In this blog, we will explore how MemoryFox works and why it’s an invaluable tool for mission-driven organizations seeking to harness the power of storytelling.

How Does MemoryFox Work?

MemoryFox removes traditional barriers to nonprofit storytelling through our 3 Step “Collect, Organize and Share” Method:

Step 1: Guided Content Collection. MemoryFox allows you to build branded collection campaigns, generating a shareable link that you distribute to your community. By simply clicking the link, your community members open your campaign on their preferred device and submit their video, photo, and written testimonial. There is no download or account setup required. The best part? MemoryFox We collect consent upfront! 

Step 2: Organize Content. Once your community members make their submissions, your videos, photos, and written testimonials automatically populate your MemoryFox Story Bank. The system organizes the submissions at the point-of-capture, populating the most recent at the top. Additionally, you have the option to organize and tag content based on what works best for you! For example, many organizations sort based on programs, grant cycles, events, volunteer stories, annual reports, and more. Enjoy unlimited storage forever, as well as the bulk upload feature to migrate any existing content you have.

Step 3: Share Your Stories. MemoryFox empowers you to transform your most compelling content into stunning visual stories or reports. You can download high-quality original submissions, use our drag-and-drop Story Builder tools to create an embeddable webpage and leverage our Canva integration to create captivating visual content with new designs or existing templates.

Watch our demo video to learn more, or connect with one of our expert storytellers today. 

Who uses MemoryFox?

MemoryFox is proud to serve hundreds of mission-driven organizations across all sectors of the nonprofit industry. Veteran-service organizations, community foundations, food banks, summer camps, social justice organizations, universities – The list goes on, and on!

Additionally, MemoryFox is not just for the fundraising team! It may seem like the most robust and obvious way to use the tool is to collect program participant testimonials and use them to support fundraising efforts, but we are here to tell you that our Storytellers have found numerous innovative ways to use our tool.

The Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle (ULMS) used MemoryFox to support their public health focus when vaccine hesitancy was rampant in their community. They knew if they could connect trusted doctors with their communities through conversation, they could save lives. That’s where MemoryFox came in. With 40+ videos collected, they were able to change lives through 1,000+ vaccinations at 30 local pop-up clinics.

Here are just a few types of content YOUR organization could collect:

  • Program participant testimonials 
  • Donor & Board Member stories
  • Volunteer experiences
  • Special events attendee stories
  • Staff videos (birthdays, holidays, work anniversaries, etc.)

And, the content you collect can be used in a variety of ways, including:

  • Fundraising appeals
  • Sponsorship & grant applications
  • Board meetings presentations
  • Building program strategy
  • Program execution
  • Social media engagement

How Much is MemoryFox?

At MemoryFox, we believe every organization has great stories to tell. Therefore, we offer equitable pricing based on your organization’s annual revenue. Click here to see where your organization may fall

More Than a Technology Solution

MemoryFox empowers organizations to harness the power of storytelling by providing a streamlined platform to collect, organize and share community-generated content. Don’t miss out on the powerful stories within your community. Visit MemoryFox now to get started telling great stories.

Want to learn more about Memory Fox?  Watch this free instant access demo HERE 

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