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Bloomerang: A Better Look at the Donor Management Platform for Nonprofits

You know that nonprofits need donor data to make better, more informed decisions for their organization. 

But oh boy, is keeping track of that donor data a nightmare! 

Until now! Because Bloomerang is on the scene. And it’s a donor management platform that thousands of nonprofits trust. 

We’re giving you a better look at this platform so you can see how it works for your nonprofit organization: 

The Bloomerang, a donor relationship management software, logo.

What is Bloomerang? 

Just as we mentioned, Bloomerang is a complete donor database that helps you manage and deliver a better experience for your supporters. 

With it, you can streamline your daily admin tasks when it comes to your nonprofit donors. And with all of that spare time, you can build better relationships with your donor, and continue moving your mission forward. 

How Does Bloomerang Work for Nonprofits? 

This powerhouse of a tool helps you acquire, retain, and engage your donors. Plus, you can automate your daily admin tasks by integrating it with your other nonprofit resources, like Givebutter and email marketing software

How Much Is Bloomerang? 

Bloomerang offers a tiered pricing plan that matches where your nonprofit is right now. Their base pricing (up to 1,000 contacts) includes the entire donor management software, email marketing, unlimited users, online donation pages, and more! At this standard rate, you can expect to pay $99 per month for the software. 

As your contact list grows, you can expect that price to increase. 

For any plan, you can opt to add on features like the online giving tools suite. 

A Better Look at Bloomerang – The Donor Management Platform for Nonprofits:

So what can this donor management platform do for your nonprofit? Great question! 

Here are the different ways Bloomerang can help you streamline your nonprofit: 

A person sits at a table to work on her laptop, where she pulls up Bloomerang for her nonprofit.

Donor Database: 

We told you this platform is a powerhouse! 

Not only does it work as an online donation platform, but it also works as your donor database and nonprofit CRM software

Easily manage your donors, your volunteers, sponsors, and even grant relationships directly from this nonprofit CRM software. There’s no need to flip between one tool and another. This software lets you do it all in one space. 

And they pride themselves on the multitude of reports and data you can pull to monitor and analyze valuable insights. We’re talking insights like supporter timelines to understand how a single person has interacted with your nonprofit over time. And you can pull other insights, too, like wealth screening. This can help you see possible donor capacity and how they might engage with your nonprofit. 

We haven’t even mentioned segments yet! You can easily group your donors and supporters by category, too. Want to know more about the supporters from your most recent event fundraiser? You can pull that report in Bloomerang! Need to know more about your major gift fundraising? Pull that data, too. 

You can even use it as your grant management software! Track your submissions, any important deadlines, and what you’ve been awarded within this one single tool. 

Marketing and Donor Engagement: 

Bloomerang knows that donors don’t just appear out of thin air. They require nurturing. They need to build a strong relationship with your nonprofit organization.

So you know they didn’t forget about that when they created their donor management platform. 

We’ve talked about how personalizing your communications with your donors is becoming more important than ever. Donors want to know they’re contributing to the cause without feeling like they’re just another number or dollar sign. 

So the donor management platform has a way for you to do exactly that! Speak to your supporters directly with personalized messages. 

And sending out emails in a timely fashion is major when you’re trying to make more impact with them. You can receive alerts when new donors join your nonprofit’s tribe. And that means you can send thank you emails and receipts right away – no valuable time lost! 

We’ve also talked about how nonprofit surveys and donor feedback are critical to making the right decisions on how to improve your organization. Well, you guessed it! You can create donor surveys through Bloomerang and measure your results. 

Data Management and Integrations

As incredible as this software is, it doesn’t encompass every nonprofit tool you need for your organization. But that doesn’t stop it from making it as streamlined as possible. 

With app integrations, you can connect your account with almost any nonprofit software you could imagine. 

A few of the big ones? 

  • Zapier
  • Mailchimp
  • Quickbooks
  • Square
  • Eventbrite
  • Emma
  • Slack
  • Survey Monkey
  • Shopify
  • Constant Contact
  • PayPal
  • Aplos
  • FundraiseUp,
  • Givebutter
  • QGiv
  • DonorSearch

And when it comes to data management, Bloomerang doesn’t want you having to work any harder than you have to. Which is why they implement tools like their Duplicate Checker. The donor management platform will automatically check your contact list for a match when you add a new contact. 

Plus, the software runs nightly address updates according to the National Change of Address. You’ll automatically have the most current donor mailing addresses for your list. 

Analytic and Reporting:

What good is all of this donor data without a way to monitor and analyze it? We’re thinking that’s exactly what the folks at Bloomerang said when they were creating the platform. 

So, yes, they thought of that, too. And they’ve put it in the software. 

They know that, in order for you to make an impact, you need to know your donors. Which is why they’ve made it easy to get detailed reports of your donors’ contribution habits. And you can use those reports in everything – from email marketing to social media marketing. 

Optional Add-On – Online Giving: 

Through this donor management software, you can create an easy-to-use, simplified online giving experience. And this is so necessary for your donors! Because without having a seamless process, your donors can easily skip off to the next organization that does make it easy to donate. 

Create customized landing and donation pages with Bloomerang. You can even create and sell tickets to your next in-person or virtual fundraising event

Plus, it offers all of the fundraising tools you need. From peer-to-peer donation and crowdfunding to taking donations in person through the Bloomerang mobile app, you can do it all. 

There’s a reason why thousands of nonprofit organizations trust this donor management platform. 

And our sister site, Nonprofit Library, does, too. They’ve even invited a Bloomerang team member to give a free training for the platform! 

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