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    Here’s the 5 Best CRM Software for Nonprofits to Streamline Your Organization

    We’re going to go out on a limb here. 

    And say that, as a nonprofit organization, you not only want to increase donations. But you also want to forge relationships with donors who truly support your cause. 

    *whispers* Are we close? 

    We want that for you, too! Because there is something so amazing about finding your tribe of people who genuinely care for your mission and want to leave the world better than they found it. 

    Believe it or not, one of the best ways to do that is by streamlining your donor data. 

    And nonprofit CRM tools help you do just that. We’ve rounded up some of the 5 best CRM software for nonprofits on the market right now to help you find the one that fits your organization! 

    But first … let’s answer a few important questions: 

    Two hands type on a laptop keyboard in a home office setting.

    What is a Nonprofit CRM System? 

    A nonprofit CRM (customer relationship manager) software helps organizations better organize information about their donors. From building out ideal personas to help target the right kind of people, to tracking prospective donors throughout their journey to give, the right CRM tool can help you in so many ways! 

    Why Should You Care About Nonprofit CRM Software? 

    Nonprofit CRM software helps you better organize, manage, and understand your data when it comes to your donors. 

    Instead of getting caught up on time-sucking, repetitive tasks, you can streamline and automate those. Which means you can spend more time and effort on nurturing your prospective donors. 

    And instead of trying to cast a wide net for your campaigns to bring in any amount of gifts, you can use your data to pinpoint the kinds of people who are ready to give to your cause. 

    When you streamline these parts of your nonprofit, you can focus on giving your donors the best possible experience. Which, then, helps you retain monthly donors. That’s important because “in a single year, recurring donors give 42% more than one-time donors,” (WealthEngine). 

    But here’s the problem: 

    According to Philanthropy News Digest, “the rate among repeat donors was down 7.2%” in 2021. 

    So by using one of the best nonprofit CRM software available, you can create the meaningful relationships you want, not to mention the ones that help your organization grow. 

    The Best CRM Software for Nonprofits: What Are the Top 5 Systems?

    Over here at Nonprofit Apps, we’ve done some digging. 

    And we’ve rounded up some of the best CRM software for nonprofits so you don’t have to do research on every single platform out there. 

    A laptop is open on a round table top, with a notebook and glasses resting off to the side.

    *PLEASE NOTE: Our list of the best CRM software for nonprofits is based on extensive research on the tools on the market as of 2022. We have combed through each of these tools’ websites, and we’ve dug through user reports to find helpful information. 

    This list is also not in any particular order. It’s just a roundup of the top nonprofit CRM tools available at the moment based on our own individual research.

    We do not receive any compensation for these products at Nonprofit-Apps. We are solely giving you this information to help you find the best CRM software for your nonprofit organization.

    However, some of these CRM tools are contributors to our sister sites, Nonprofit Library and Charity How To.*

    Nonprofit CRM Software #1: Bloomerang

    Pricing: Their baseline plan starts at $99.00/month with plans based on contacts. 

    Bloomerang believes when you streamline your daily admin tasks, you can spend more of your time and effort on moving your mission forward. 

    And that’s what they’ve set out to help you do with their nonprofit CRM tool! They pride themselves on their simple-to-use dashboard that’s still robust enough to offer magnified insights into your donors. 

    Plus, they’ve brought nonprofit experts on board to build the entire CRM software. It’s built by nonprofit experts, for nonprofit experts. 

    Top Features of This Software: 

    Some of the top features of this nonprofit CRM software include: 

    • Visual representation of individual donor interactions
    • Interactive dashboard to see your donor retention rate, incoming donations by time period, access recent reports, and more
    • Social media monitoring
    • Donor engagement surveys
    • Email design with already-created templates and analytics
    • Letters and mailing designs ready for print

    Drawbacks of This Software:

    • Some users reported there needs to be more customizable dashboards, reports, and templates for emails and letters
    • There is not an event management integration for this tool, yet

    This Nonprofit Software is Best For:

    Based on reviews and the Bloomerang website, their nonprofit CRM system is best for small organizations or ones just starting out. 

    It’s a simple-to-use platform, but if you’re part of a larger organization or you’ve used multiple CRM tools in the past, this one may be too simplistic for your needs.

    View the FREE Bloomerang Demo at Nonprofit Library Here!

    Nonprofit CRM Software #2:  EveryAction

    Pricing: Contact an EveryAction representative for pricing

    With over 18,000 nonprofit organizations using EveryAction, it’s a no-brainer this is included as one of the best CRM software for nonprofits! 

    EveryAction is an all-inclusive platform so you don’t have to worry about integrating other databases or third-party apps. 

    From donor development to digital marketing, to managing volunteer teams, EveryAction does it all. 

    Features of This Software: 

    • An all-inclusive platform that eliminates the need for third-party apps and integrations
    • Access to EveryAction’s sustainer-optimized donation forms to increase recurring donations
    • Customization for email marketing, events, and fundraising to boost brand strategy
    • In-suite drag-and-drop (like Mailchimp) email design platform

    Drawbacks of This Software:

    • Some users reported it can feel overwhelming when you’re first starting out. There are lots of tutorials to watch to understand the nonprofit CRM system. 
    • You’ll have to manually move your data and spreadsheets between the individual tools within the platform to take advantage of the entire CRM system

    This Nonprofit Software is Best For:

    From the EveryAction website, this nonprofit CRM software is great for nonprofit organizations of all sizes. 

    And based on user reports of this CRM tool, that rings true! Many users are reporting excellent results for organizations with 10 people up to organizations with 5,000+ people! 

    Nonprofit CRM Software #3:  Kindful


    Pricing: Baseline plans start at $100.00/month. Pricing increases based on your number of contacts.

    Kindful is a cloud-based platform that grows as your nonprofit grows! And, as a cloud-based platform, there’s no need for all of your users to be on-site together. We call that a 21st century win! 

    It’s founded on the mission that nonprofits shouldn’t need to spend all of their time and energy on their database. And instead, they should have the luxury of spending more time on moving their mission forward!

    With intuitive reporting and easy integrations so you can keep all your data organized, this is definitely one of the best CRM software for nonprofits. 

    Features of This Software:

    • Design an unlimited number of donation pages so each one is specific to your current campaign
    • Unlimited users so you can keep your team on board no matter how large you grow
    • Plenty of fundraising tools to help make your campaigns successful
    • Donor analytics to pinpoint your ideal donors
    • Data visualization so you can see what’s happening in your organization
    • Real-time donor records including their full-giving histories, their classifications, and social media accounts

    Drawbacks of This Software: 

    • Although you can integrate almost any third-party app, users have reported that sometimes the integrations can be glitchy. However! They also say customer service can usually fix it for you
    • Several users said the reporting options are limited. So if you’re wanting to pull very specific reports, this may not be the best option for you. 

    This Nonprofit Software is Best For: 

    From the website information on who Kindful was created for, and from reading user reviews, we’ve come to the conclusion that Kindful is best for growing nonprofits. 

    Why? Well because Kindful is great at giving basic information for small to midsize nonprofits. But, at a certain point, you may need to start pulling more targeted reports to better understand your donor portfolio. And based on user reviews, Kindful might not be the best at that. 

    However, the unlimited number of donation pages to cater to your specific campaigns is an amazing feature. Not to mention, the ability to add unlimited users to your CRM tool is wonderful for growing nonprofits, too. You can add users without having to worry about having to pay even more! 

    And, just because Kindful doesn’t have the option (yet!) for pulling incredibly detailed reports, the reports it can pull still give you awesome data for your organization. 

    Nonprofit CRM Software #4:  NeonCRM

    Pricing: Baseline plans start at $99.00/month. You’ll need to fill out a form with your organization’s information for more pricing info.  

    NeonCRM is another cloud-based CRM that serves nonprofit organizations of all sizes. It allows you to manage donors, events, and members. Plus, you can handle tasks like email marketing and payment processing. This system gives everything you could think of!

    One of the top features of this nonprofit CRM system is the ability to follow each donor through their online and offline donations. Plus, you can accept donations from several different touchpoints. Whether it’s web forms, emails, membership renewals, or event actions, this platform truly gets your nonprofit growing.

    Features of This Software: 

    • Donor management with a complete view of your supporters
    • Fundraising & event management including event registrations
    • Membership management including membership renewals
    • Volunteer management
    • Marketing and communications including automated emails
    • Customized web forms
    • Social fundraising
    • e-Commerce options and integrations
    • Quickbooks integration
    • In-depth reports
    • Deduplication capabilities to keep your lists streamlined

    Drawbacks of This Software: 

    • While it seems like this software has it all, one thing is clearly missing. As of yet, Neon CRM does not offer online auction or silent auction integration. 
    • Some users have reported that the email marketing doesn’t work as well as some available integrations

    This Nonprofit Software is Best For: 

    This is another nonprofit CRM software that’s best for all ranges and sizes of organizations. 

    However, if email marketing or online auctions are your bread and butter for your nonprofit, you may want to think about this option. Those are the two main cons of this CRM tool. 

    That being said, Neon CRM seems to be an all-inclusive powerhouse that gets the job done (and done well, according to the majority of users!). If you’re a fast-growing nonprofit, this is more than likely a wonderful option for you! 

    Nonprofit CRM Software #5:  Wild Apricot

    Pricing: Wild Apricot has a free option available, which is great for nonprofits just starting out or smaller organizations. The paid plans are affordable and start at $48 per month. 

    One of the most affordable on the block (err…list), and yet still one of the best CRM software for nonprofits is Wild Apricot. 

    We’d like to mention right off the bat that Wild Apricot is ideally for membership management. Whether you’re a nonprofit, club, or any other type of membership-based organization, this is a great option for you. 

    With the option of a 30-day free trial, you can try it out risk-free. And if you’re a smaller (50 contacts or less) organization, you can score unlimited access to Wild Apricot for precisely free dollars a month. 

    But even if you have more than 50 contacts, pricing for Wild Apricot is very affordable! 

    Not to mention, this tool gives you a wide range of tools so you can get up and running fast. You can manage contacts, process payments, send out automated emails, manage registration for an event, and even create a website. All through Wild Apricot. 

    Features of This Software: 

    • Mobile event check-in and management
    • Automatic invoicing and membership renewals
    • Mobile app for members
    • Easy drag-and-drop workflow setups
    • Online store option
    • Alerts and automated email reminders for members
    • Unlimited email marketing

    Drawbacks of This Software: 

    • Users mention that reports are limited in data
    • They’ve recently dropped their telephone support line which has been a complaint among users
    • Some users also say the interface is dated-looking and they want a more updated experience

    This Nonprofit Software is Best For: 

    Wild Apricot is an excellent choice if you have a membership-based organization. It’s catered specifically to your style, which can be a challenge to find in other nonprofit CRM systems.

    A person uses her laptop to open her nonprofit CRM software.

    Overall, the best CRM software for nonprofits depends on your organization. But finding one that fits your needs is so critical. Especially to maximize your engagement with your donors! 

    If you’re looking to streamline your daily nonprofit tasks, pull specific reports so you can better nurture your donors, and continue moving forward in your mission, then using one of these nonprofit CRM systems is going to be a game-changer! 

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