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The Top 3 Grant Management Software for Nonprofits You Need to Know About

Your mission runs on funding from donors. But that’s not the only source of funding it has to rely on. 

Grants are another great way to acquire the right funds to help you do good work for the world. Whether you apply for federal grants or through corporations, they want to make sure their money goes to the best possible candidate. 

Naturally, applying for grants takes quite a bit of work. So, if you’re applying for any then it’s a great idea to look into grant management software for nonprofits. 

We’ve done our research, and we’ve come up with 3 grant management software for nonprofits you need to know about! 

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What is Grant Management Software for Nonprofits?

Like most other technology in nonprofits, grant management software is used to organize and streamline your grant management process. 

Like we mentioned above, no matter who you’re applying to for a grant, they want to make sure their money is going to the best possible candidate. They want to know their money is going to the hands who are doing the most good. 

Usually, grantmakers give funds to a specific project or initiative that your mission is doing. And they’ll want to see progress reports and updates to know how things are progressing with the money they’ve given your organization! 

That’s where grant management software for nonprofits comes into play.

You can organize all of that information in one system! With grant software for nonprofits, you can keep track of: 

  • the grants you’ve applied to
  • what grants you’ve won
  • how the money was spent from each grant

Not to mention, you can add in any additional notes or information about the grant and the progress you’re doing in the software.   

How is Grant Software for Nonprofits Helpful? 

If you know us at Nonprofit-Apps, you know we’re all about streamlining your nonprofit organization. 

Why’s that? 

Well, because streamlining your nonprofit means you spend less time on bottlenecks in your business systems. And instead? You get to focus more time on the things that matter – like doing the good work you do for your mission. So from your CRM software for nonprofits to your volunteer management software, streamlining your mission is the best way to progress. 

Grant software for nonprofits keeps everything about your grant applications in one place. You can pull up which grantmakers you’ve already applied to so that you don’t accidentally re-apply. 

You can quickly pull up notes on what the grant funds were spent on to help you create your annual reports.

And because everything is streamlined within nonprofit grant management software, you can make the application process much quicker. That means you’ll get to devote more time to applying for more grants.

What is the Grant Management Process? 

The grant management process is a key part of your nonprofit grant strategy.  The grant management process includes each phase of the entire grant lifecycle. 

That means the time you spend researching which grants are going to be a great fit for your nonprofit to closing out a grant application after it’s awarded is all a part of the grant management process. 

A quick overview of the grant management process looks a little bit like this: 

What is the Grant Management Process: Research & Planning – 

First, as the nonprofit grant seeker, you have to do your planning. You’ll need to first figure out what needs you have within your organization.

Once you know what needs you need to consider, it’s time to do your research. Start scouring the internet for possible grantmakers who have funds available for a need similar to yours. 

What is the Grant Management Process: Application

Once you’ve found the right opportunities for your nonprofit, it’s time to start gathering your materials. You’ll need to think about how your organization will work towards project goals using the funds you’d receive if you were to be awarded the grant. 

Gather up all the administrative grant documents you’ll need. And then get to work on applying for the ones you’re a strong candidate for! 

What is the Grant Management Process: Grant Award

If you’re the right candidate for the funds, you’ll be awarded the grant! Woo! 

What is the Grant Management Process: Carry Out Grant Tasks

Now that the grant has been awarded, it’s time you start putting the funds to good use! 

Work with your nonprofit organization’s departments to make sure the tasks and activities are carried out accordingly. 

It’s a great idea to keep up with notes and reports on how much of the funds have been used, and what they’ve been used on. Document as much as you can! 

What is the Grant Management Process: Provide the Report

Grantmakers want to see that their funds have gone to the right hands. This is where all of your diligent note-taking and documenting in the last step comes in handy! 

Pull all of your notes, and create a final grant report. Update your grantmakers on all that your mission has been up to with the help of their support! 

What is the Grant Management Process: Close It Out

Once the grant report is delivered, it’s time to close out the entire grant management process. 

We know it sounds like a lot to do. But there’s some excellent news – it gets so much easier when you use grant management software for nonprofits! It will help you keep track of each task. And it will help you stay organized with all documentation and notes you make throughout the process! 

The Top 3 Grant Management Software for Nonprofits You Should Know About:

It’s that time! You know all about what grant management software for nonprofits is. And you know how it will help you when it comes to the entire grant process! 

So, without wasting one more second, let’s get to the top 3 grant software for nonprofits you should know about:

1. WizeHive

Pricing: Click here to learn more about WizeHive’s pricing by completing a short questionnaire

A 2021 Frontrunner for grant software for nonprofits from Software Advice, WizeHive is quickly making a name for itself. 

It’s a cloud-based grant management software, which means team members can pull it up and work on it whenever and wherever they need to. 

And with tailored workflows, automations, built-in grant seeker communication tools, and reporting dashboards, WizeHive helps you manage your grants from start to finish. 

If you’re using separate tools for application tracking, time tracking, onboarding, survey administration, contact management, and countless spreadsheets and docs – you can get rid of ‘em! All you have to do is open up WizeHive – it houses all of that and more. 

Top Features of This Software:

Some of the top features of WizeHive grant management software for nonprofits include:

  • Bulk process applications
  • Customizable systems and workflows that are unique to your organization
  • Create easy-to-follow application experiences with a submission portal
  • Administration hub to make reporting simple

Drawbacks of This Software:

Some users of WizeHive say there is a learning curve to using the software. But, they also follow it up by saying there’s plenty of support from the WizeHive team. 

This Nonprofit Grant Management Software is Best For:

WizeHive is an excellent nonprofit grant software for all kinds of organizations. Whether you’re part of a small, medium, or large-sized organization, WizeHive is a great option. 

2. Nonprofit Plus

Pricing: Get in touch with a representative for a quote on pricing plans for Nonprofit Plus. 

Coming in as one of the top accounting software for nonprofits, Nonprofit Plus also doubles as an excellent nonprofit grant management software. 

It’s an all-in-one fund and grant accounting, financial management, and procurement management software. 

Top Features of This Software:

Some of the top features of this grant management software include:

  • Manage the entire grant process from pre-award to post-award
  • Graphical presentation on dashboards of KPIs
  • Customizable reporting
  • Fund accounting and grant management included in the Nonprofit Accounting suite

Drawbacks of This Software:

It is a tool that requires proper setup, otherwise you may run into problems using it correctly. Or it may hinder your ability to productively apply for grants. 

This Nonprofit Grant Management Software is Best For:

This software is excellent for medium to large-sized nonprofit organizations. With customizable reports, you’ll find that you have more control over what you can do with this platform. 

It’s also a great platform if you plan to scale and grow into a larger-sized organization. 

3. GrantHub

Pricing: $795 per year

GrantHub is another cloud-based grant management software. And, the best part is it was designed specifically for nonprofit organizations. 

With this software, you’ll broaden your grant opportunity, streamline your grant process, and nail those tasks by their deadlines. 

Top Features of This Software:

Some of the top features of GrantHub include: 

  • Track funding history and opportunities
  • Access to GrantStation’s funder search so you can find more opportunities
  • Quick reporting so you can track nonprofit KPIs
  • Excel and PDF export options for faster reporting
  • Email reminders for upcoming deadlines
  • Integration with Funder 990 forms 
  • Affordable and still high-quality
  • Excellent customer service
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive, and clean system

Drawbacks of This Software:

Some users have said that this software doesn’t have as many features as other grant management software for nonprofits. And quite a few people have said they wish there was more integration for other nonprofit tools and systems. 

This Nonprofit Grant Management Software is Best For:

This is a fabulous grant management software for small and medium-sized nonprofits. With its inexpensive price tag, it’s easily attainable for most nonprofits! As your organization grows, you may find that the reporting isn’t as detailed or customizable as you need it to be, which is why we suggest it for smaller to mid-sized nonprofits. 

A person has their laptop open on a small circular table with their coffee cup next to them

If you’re applying for grants for your organization, then you can’t go wrong with adding grant management software for nonprofits to your system. It’s the perfect kind of tool to help you get organized, find more opportunities, and obtain even more funding for your mission!

Oh, and here’s some great news for you. Our sister site, Nonprofit Library, has a free on-demand training of GrantHub so you can get an inside look at the platform. 

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