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The 22 Best Free Resources for Nonprofit Organizations

We don’t think it’s a secret.

Most nonprofit organizations are on a tight budget. 

But that doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice quality nonprofit technology to streamline your organization! 

And that’s exactly why we’ve created this post. Because we want to show you all the amazing free resources for nonprofit organizations that will help you:

  • Streamline your organization to simplify your workload
  • Market your organization to grow your organization
  • Analyze your efforts in growing your organization
  • Improve communication in your organization

While we’ve created an entire article dedicated to the best low-cost and free tools for nonprofits, we wanted to make sure we touched on all of the amazing completely free resources for nonprofit organizations.

So, how about it? Let’s get started on the 22 best tech free resources for nonprofit organizations! 

A group of nonprofit professionals look over reviews to decide the best free nonprofit resources to use for their organization

Free Donation Platforms for Nonprofit Organizations:

First up, we have one of the most important tech tools for nonprofits: donation platforms. Considering online fundraising is on the raise (AKA – more supporters want to donate online versus mail in a check), having a place for them to do so is key. 

And these free tools for nonprofits are some of the best ones out there for you to use!

1. Givebutter

Givebutter is essentially an online donation platform and a CRM tool rolled into one nonprofit tech resource. 

You can use it to sell event tickets and create donation landing pages and forms. You can also use it to keep track of your donor contacts, any recurring donations, or even segment your contacts to better personalize your donor experience

It’s a free platform for you to use. The only costs incurred are from a payment processing fee. However, you can ask donors to cover the processing fee as they fill out the payment information. And more often than not, donors are happy to do so! 

Curious about an in-depth demo of the platform? Check it out at Nonprofit Library! 

Check Out the FREE Demo of Givebutter at Nonprofit Library!

2. Fundraise Up

Similar to Givebutter, Fundraise Up is another online donation platform that’s taking the world by storm. 

What’s incredible about this platform is that it uses machine learning to help you double your nonprofit’s income. And it does that without your team having to double your fundraising efforts. 

Like Givebutter, Fundraise Up is a free platform for you to use. That means no platform fees, subscription fees, set up fees, or anything else. But it does also use a payment processing fee. However, donors can opt to cover that so 100% of the donation goes right to your nonprofit. 

Nonprofit Library has a full demo of Fundraise Up, as well. So if you’re interested in finding out more about this modern online donation experience, head on over! 

Find Out More About Fundraise Up at Nonprofit Library!

Free CRM Resource for Nonprofit Organizations: 

If your nonprofit needs a new way to keep track of your contacts (other than spreadsheets!), then a CRM resource is going to come in handy. 

3. Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack

The Salesforce CRM tool is one of the most popular tools in the business world. So they took their incredible platform and re-imagined it to fit the needs of nonprofits around the globe. 

With the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack, organizations can manage relationships with their supporters, focus on making impact through fundraising, and even market their mission. 

It is an absolute powerhouse of a tool that can streamline even the busiest of nonprofits. 
And the great news is that through the Power of Us Program, Salesforce is offering 10 free user subscriptions for registered nonprofits!

Free Social Media Resources for Nonprofit Organizations: 

First up, we have social media! Now if you already know the best social media platforms for nonprofits to use, then it’s a matter of showing up on them. These free nonprofit tools will help you! 

4. CanvaPro

There’s no list of the best online tools for nonprofits that doesn’t include Canva Pro. And because it’s free, it’s even better. 

You can create incredible content for your nonprofit just like a graphic designer would (without a graphic design degree). From content for social media, to logos, to posters and signs for your next event – you can do it all. 

We love Canva Pro for nonprofits so much that our sister site even has a complete overview of how to use Canva Pro for your organization. 

Check Out the FREE Training on Canva Pro for Nonprofits at Nonprofit Library!

5. Tweetdeck

If Twitter is one of the best social media platforms for your nonprofit, then you can’t miss out on Tweetdeck. This free resource for nonprofit organizations will help you reach more of your ideal audience so they keep you top of mind! 

Manage all of your Twitter accounts, schedule out your tweets, track the best hashtags to use and how they’re performing on the site, organize your lists, and so much more. 

6. Hootsuite

There are plenty of scheduling software for all the different social media platforms. But Hootsuite takes the cake. 

Instead of using software for each individual social media platform, Hootsuite lets you do it all in one place. Manage each of your social accounts, from scheduling posts to responding to notifications – all from Hootsuite. 

7. Linktree

Ever read a social media caption, and the final line is “Click the link in bio!” That “link in bio” is probably a Linktree. Why? Simply because social media (like TikTok or Instagram) only allows one link in your bio. But your nonprofit may have multiple pages you want to direct people to. 

This handy tool is an excellent way to direct supporters (both new and recurring) to different important pages for your nonprofit. 

Think of Linktree for nonprofits as the “link bridge” between your nonprofit’s social account to your donation pages, upcoming event pages, email lead generation forms, and volunteer application forms. 

And, in keeping with the theme: Linktree for nonprofits is a completely free resource. All you need to do is sign up for a free account. Then, fill out an application. If your nonprofit is approved, your free account will be upgraded to Linktree Pro!

Free Content Creation Resources for Nonprofit Organizations:

Going hand in hand with social media free nonprofit tools, we have content creation tools! 

These free resources for nonprofit organizations will help make sure your written content and copywriting all hit home with your audience. 

8. Grammarly

Don’t write a single Instagram caption, Facebook ad, or email campaign without sending it through Grammarly first. 

It’ll be your second pair of eyes to help catch any grammatical errors. Not only that, but it’ll tell you when things just don’t flow right. 

You can plug it into a blank “document” on their website, or you can download the free Google Chrome extension so it checks everything as you type. 

9. Headline Analyzer

If you blog or if you send out emails, then you need Coschedule’s Headline Analyzer. Pop your headline into the bar on their site, and it’ll tell you the “grade” of it. The higher the grade, the more likely your audience will click to read your content! 

Free Project Management Resources for Nonprofit Organizations:

There are plenty of projects to be done within a nonprofit. And to keep your departments from feeling “silo’ed,” use these free resources for nonprofit organizations for project management! 

10. Trello

One of our absolute favorites at Nonprofit-Apps, Trello is an excellent online tool for nonprofits. 

This is a task management tool that lets you breeze through your projects and deadlines with no bottlenecks in sight! 

11. Google Workspace 

And where would any of us be without Google Workspace! It’s one of the hands-down best resources your nonprofit can use. Bypass the dreaded department silos with it. From managing your calendar, to email communications, to an internal instant messaging system, you can keep in touch with all of your team members at a moment’s notice. 

Free Email Marketing Resources for Nonprofit Organizations:

Speaking of email communications, let’s talk about the best free resources for nonprofit organizations for email marketing! 

Thanks to the statistics on online fundraising for nonprofits, we know email marketing isn’t dead. 

These online tools for nonprofits will help make sure your email marketing strategy is firing on all cylinders! 

12. MailChimp

One of the best email marketing software for nonprofits, MailChimp is an excellent free resource to use. 

Segment and automate your emails so you can send ‘em out and keep your subscribers in the loop with your mission. Not to mention, their easy-to-use, drag and drop email builder lets you create email campaigns in no time flat! 

13. SenderScore

The dreaded spam folder. It’s every email marketer’s worst nightmare. And your nonprofit organization’s emails might be headed straight there in your subscribers’ inboxes. 

SenderScore lets you check your domain’s reputation. You’ll know if your emails have a higher chance of going to a spam folder. Plus, you’ll get info on how to fix that little dilemma! 

Free Website Resources for Nonprofit Organizations:

Ah, your nonprofit website. While we have an entire blog post dedicated to the best of the best tech tools for nonprofit websites, there are quite a few free resources to use, too! 

14. WordPress.org

Coming in as the most popular nonprofit CMS, WordPress is an open-source tool. And that means you pretty much have free reign and control over your website. From creating the best nonprofit website design, to adding on important plug-ins to boost your site, you can do it all with this nonprofit CMS. 

15. YoastSEO

Focusing on SEO with your web design and your nonprofit website copywriting and content means you have a greater chance of showing up when people search for your mission. 

And YoastSEO helps you make sure you’re hitting all the marks when it comes to SEO! It’s a free plug-in for your WordPress website. And once you’ve installed it, it shows you what you need to do on each page to make sure your content is optimized for search engines. 

Free Digital Marketing Resource for Nonprofits: 

A nonprofit digital marketing strategy is crucial to getting the word out about your mission. And while it’s easy to spend hundreds, if not thousands, on marketing efforts, you don’t have to. 

These free nonprofit marketing resources will help you spread the word about your organization, without breaking the budget. 

16. Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits

What list of free resources for nonprofits is complete without Google Ad Grants for nonprofits

Not only is it free to use, but it’s a grant. Which means Google is giving your organization money, so long as you follow the guidelines! 

Yep, with this free tech tool, your organization can land up to $10,000 per month in free ads.

Free Analytics and Feedback Resources for Nonprofits:

Analytics and feedback resources are an excellent way to make smarter decisions for your nonprofit. 

But you don’t always need to sink your budget into tools that cost too much! Here are our favorite free resources for nonprofits when it comes to getting important data:

17. Google Analytics

If you have a nonprofit website, then it’s a good idea to go ahead and sign yourself up for Google Analytics for nonprofits. This tool tracks all traffic on your website. You can pull reports on how many visitors your site has had, where they’ve gone on your site, and what actions they took. 

It’s a great way to monitor how well your site is doing, especially when it comes to converting visitors into donors! 

18. Google Forms

Sometimes, you need to get information straight from the source – your donors. They often provide valuable information about what they love and don’t like about your current donation process. 

And getting that information starts with a nonprofit survey. 

While Google Forms may not provide the most aesthetically pleasing surveys, they still get the job done. And that’s the most important part! Plus, you can still change the colors of your survey, so the branding is still cohesive with your organization. 

19. HotJar

This is an awesome free tool for nonprofits so you can better understand how supporters navigate your site. It creates heat maps that actually show you how supporters read, scroll, and click on your site. You’ll see exactly what gets them to click buttons and what gets them to drop off your site altogether. 

Use this nonprofit tech to create a better experience on your website! It’s free for eligible nonprofits

Free Professional Development Resources for Nonprofits:

At a certain point in any career, it’s a great idea to develop new skills or expand on existing ones. And the nonprofit sector is no different! 

While it’s possible to find plenty of paid-for professional development resources, you don’t always have to jump to that right away. 

Here are our favorite free resources for nonprofits to get you started: 

20. CharityHowTo

CharityHowTo is known as one of the top places to gain new knowledge, skills, and experience. They partner with experts and leaders throughout the nonprofit sector to teach you new ways to make more impact in your nonprofit.

And while you can purchase a membership or individual courses, you don’t have to start there. Instead, the nonprofit professional development site has plenty of free learning resources to choose from! 

Plus, many of these free courses still count for CFRE points! 

Check Out CharityHowTo’s Free Professional Development Resources!

21. Nonprofit Ready

From downloadable guides to online courses, you can find free learning resources for all kinds of departments at Nonprofit Ready.

Need to know how to improve nonprofit leadership skills? They have a resource. 

Ready to start your journey in grant writing? They’ve got a resource. 

Looking for ways to improve fundraising? You guessed it – there’s a resource. 

22. Nonprofit Library

And finally, if you’re looking to learn from nonprofit experts about software and technology for your organization? Then look no further! Nonprofit Library is chock-full of inside peeks and free training on all kinds of platforms. 

Plus, all of the software training videos are free! And they come with zero sales and marketing pressure. 

Create Your Free Account at Nonprofit Library!

A group of three nonprofit professionals work together at a table for their organization

So if you’re on a tight budget, don’t worry. There are plenty of free resources for nonprofit organizations! And we hope these 22 online tools for nonprofits will help you better your mission. 

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