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    Managing Multiple Grants on Spreadsheets? It’s Time to Say Goodbye and Hello to!

    As a nonprofit organization, managing multiple grants can be a daunting task. You have to keep track of various deadlines, dozens of files, and countless tasks that need to be completed on time. We all know that feeling of being buried under an avalanche of paperwork and spreadsheets. But fear not, because is here to save the day!

    Let’s face it, spreadsheets are not the best way to manage grants. Sure, you can create a grant management template and input all the necessary information, but as the number of grants and tasks increases, it becomes difficult to track everything. Each grant provider has their own website and database to organize all these grants, making it difficult to have a big-picture view of all your grants in one place. And then, each grant has its own unique status, making it even more challenging to track everything.

    This is where comes in. With the platform, you can manage all your grants in one place, with real-time updates, and intuitive visual workflows. No more endlessly updating spreadsheets and databases!

    It gets even better, as part of’s nonprofit plan, over 20,000 nonprofits are already eligible for free licenses. You can apply to see if your nonprofit is eligible too.

    One of the best things about is how easy it is to import your existing spreadsheets. Simply upload your spreadsheet to, and manage your grants in a way that works for you. You can also easily customize the platform to meet your needs and track everything in real-time.

    But what really sets apart is the team collaboration features. With, you can assign tasks to team members, add comments, and communicate with the team in real time. You can even get notifications when a task is completed or when a team member needs your input. is designed with non-techies in mind, in fact over 70% of our users are from non-tech organizations. You don’t need to have any coding or programming experience to use – it’s that intuitive! Plus, with its colorful and user-friendly interface, you’ll actually enjoy managing your grants (who thought grant management could be fun?).

    But wait, there’s more! offers a special plan for nonprofits that you can apply for and get for free. As a nonprofit, every penny counts, and with, you can improve your grant management process without spending a dime. Join the club of over 20,000 nonprofits that are already part of the nonprofit plan.

    So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade to and enjoy real-time updates, intuitive visual workflows, and an easy-to-use platform that’ll make you wonder how you even managed grants before. Get started for free and create an account with – it’s time to say goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to better grant management.



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