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Nonprofit Mobile Apps: 8 Reasons To Consider One for Your Organization

Wasn’t it Bob Dylan that said “the times, they are a’changin’?”

Well, friend. We’ll spring this one on you – the times, they’ve already a’changed! 

Yep! We’re living in a mobile world and it’s only going to continue that way. With everyone having a smartphone in their pocket, we’re living in a world that’s more accessible than ever. 

That doesn’t mean your nonprofit organization has to be left in the dust! Nope, with nonprofit mobile apps, your organization can be a part of these “changed” times. And with it? You’ll find your mission growing more than ever before! 

Here are 8 major reasons why you should consider a nonprofit mobile app for your organization:

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8 Major Reasons to Consider Nonprofit Mobile Apps for Your Organization

Let us throw some quick facts and nonprofit statistics at you! More people than ever before now have a smartphone. According to Pew Research, in the U.S., 81% of people now own a smartphone. 

And according to Mobiloud, in 2019, for the first time ever, people spent more time on their phones than they did watching TV! 

That means that now? It’s a great time to start considering nonprofit mobile apps as your next digital marketing move for your organization. 

Let’s break down 8 major reasons to consider one:

1. Another Source of New Donors

We’re willing to bet part of your marketing strategy is to get in front of new supporters. 

Just like with all of your other marketing tools, nonprofit mobile apps are part of your overall marketing strategy. 

They’re a great way for new donors who will love your cause (they just haven’t seen it yet!), to find you. 

Your nonprofit app is searchable on the Apple App Store. And with 500 million people visiting the App Store every week? Whew, there’s a great chance someone’s going to find your cause. 

Not to mention, Google said that 27% of people find apps through their search engine. So you can tailor part of your nonprofit content marketing towards ranking on Google for your nonprofit mobile app!

2. Collect Donor Data for Your Database

Your donor data is the secret sauce of your successful nonprofit organization. Because the more data you can collect from your supporters for your donor database, the more you understand them.

That means you know what they like and what they don’t like. You’ll know what content clicks with them and what doesn’t. 

And you can tailor your entire experience to your ideal donor! 

By creating a nonprofit mobile app, you have the opportunity to collect even more donor data for your organization. 

As soon as they download nonprofit mobile apps, their information can be sent directly to your CRM software for your nonprofit.  

Once you have that information, you can continue tailoring and personalizing your communication to your supporters! 

3. Create a More Engaged Community

There’s something more personal about downloading a nonprofit app rather than just visiting a nonprofit’s website. And that’s the first step toward creating a more engaged community with your nonprofit supporters. 

Find ways to foster that sense of community, too! Whether it’s by using donor data to create a more tailored experience. Or it’s by adding in ways for supporters to connect with you, like through message boards. 

People love feeling like they’re truly connected with an organization. So using mobile apps for nonprofits to foster community engagement is a great way to drive more fundraising! 

4. Keep Your Nonprofit Top of Mind Among Your Supporters

When organizations create nonprofit mobile apps, they have an amazing opportunity to stay top of mind among their supporters. 

All of a sudden, with the simple download of an app, that organization is now on someone’s phone. And smartphones are powerful tools. 

Not only will they open up their phone and immediately see the nonprofit mobile apps. But, if you were to create a mobile app for your nonprofit, you can use technology within the phone, too. 

Push notifications are a great way to keep your organization top of mind among your supporters. You can send out a push notification to give an update on a current project your mission is working on. Or you can send out a push notification to let them know about a fundraising campaign you’re doing. 

Either way, using this incredible tool is a great way to keep your nonprofit at the forefront of their thinking when it comes to donating to a good cause!

5. Increase Fundraising Directly Through Your Nonprofit Mobile App

We all know nonprofit fundraising makes up a major part of growth and sustainability for your organization. 

So if you’re looking for ways to expand your marketing and fundraising efforts, then look no further! Nonprofit mobile apps are the way to go! 

Through the app, supporters can donate straight away. Seriously. Within 30 seconds, they can whip their phone out of their pocket, click on your app, and donate. 

And with an app staying on their phone, there are greater odds of your supporters becoming repeat donors! Your nonprofit app on their phone is a great reminder that your mission exists. As soon as they’re reminded, they’re likely to donate again. 

Plus, nonprofit mobile apps are great for other virtual fundraising ideas like peer-to-peer fundraising. You can even gamify your fundraising efforts through your nonprofit mobile app. The possibilities are endless!

6. Update Your Supporters Quickly 

A great way to use nonprofit mobile apps is to use them as a news source. You can quickly update your supporters by sending out mass notifications. Whether you want to remind them of an upcoming virtual event, or you’re making them aware of an urgent campaign, your nonprofit mobile app can come in handy for that!

7. Make Your Supporters Feel More At Home with Nonprofit Mobile Apps

We know that cybersecurity for nonprofits is crucial to keeping your organization and your supporters safe. 

The great news is that mobile apps for nonprofits are another way to do that! You can equip your nonprofit app with a complete security system so it stays safe for your supporters.  

8. Improve Your Supporters’ Experience

Mobile apps for nonprofits are an excellent way to improve the overall experience for your supporters. 

We know more and more people are using their smartphones to donate online. But even if your website is already optimized for mobile devices, they still don’t quite beat the experience of a nonprofit app.

Mobile apps for nonprofits are often 1.5 times faster than website pages. 

Plus, people are telling us that personalized, unique experiences are what they’re after. And it’s so much easier to do that through mobile apps for nonprofits! Through software and algorithms, nonprofit apps learn more about the user and their preferences. Then it tailors the experience to cater to those preferences! That’s way more of a unique experience than simply using a web browser. 

There’s no doubt about it! We are living in a mobile world. And with a mobile world comes mobile apps! 

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