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Here’s a Look at a Popular Volunteer Management System: Get Connected

We’re all about sharing round-ups of some of the most popular nonprofit technology available to you. 

But, we also love sharing more information about specific tools! 

So, we’re checking out one of the most popular volunteer management systems out there – Get Connected. 

*PLEASE NOTE: Nonprofit-Apps is not sponsored or endorsed by Get Connected, nor do we receive any compensation if you purchase on their site. We are sharing information to help you make the best, informed decision for your nonprofit volunteer management system.” 

What is Get Connected?

So, what is Get Connected? And how is it different from other volunteer management software out there?

Here’s what you need to know. There are several nonprofit volunteer tools out there, but some of them are only designed to do specific things. 

For example, one might be excellent at giving you a way to communicate effectively with your nonprofit volunteers. 

Another might be a fantastic tool for allowing volunteers to schedule their shifts. 

What’s so great about Get Connected is this volunteer management system is comprehensive. Meaning, just about anything you need for your nonprofit volunteers? You can do it with this one system! 

From recruiting nonprofit volunteers, to managing their schedules, to sending out emails with information – you can do it all.  

And we love a tool that lets you do that! Why? Well, it means that you don’t have to have 10 individual nonprofit volunteer management software tools. You can have one. And that does it all! 

How Does Get Connected, the Volunteer Management System for Nonprofits, Work? 

The great news about Get Connected is it’s not a “localized” software! That means you don’t have to have a specific kind of computer, like a Mac or Windows, to run it. 

It’s a web-based software that saves all information to the cloud. And that makes it an excellent choice if you do remote work for nonprofits. It’s also an awesome tool if your nonprofit has virtual volunteers

This platform does also have mobile apps which can be helpful for volunteers clocking in and out away from their computers. 

How Much is This Volunteer Management System for Nonprofits? 

A lot of the time, selecting nonprofit software comes down to your budget. 

Unfortunately, this volunteer management system doesn’t have the price listed on its website. Instead, they ask you to sign up for a free demo. Doing so is a great way to get a better feel for the tool. Plus you’ll get to ask all the questions you might have about how it can work for your nonprofit! 

But according to review sites, like GetApp and Capterra, their pricing starts at $199. This is a flat rate per month. 

So, we’d say it’s designed for nonprofit organizations that seriously rely on volunteers. Otherwise, you may not get your money’s worth each month. 

It’s also important to note that Get Connected does not offer a free trial. 

Volunteers work with a nonprofit after signing up through a volunteer management system, like Get Connected.

A Deeper Dive Into Get Connected: 

While you can opt into a free demo (which we still highly suggest!), we’re still here to give you an overview of what you can do with this nonprofit volunteer management system. 

We gathered information from the Get Connected website. And we dug through plenty of user reviews to bring you all the important information you need. 

Volunteer Management:

Get Connected’s volunteer management features are the backbone of the software. 

It’s a robust system that comes along with just about everything you need for your organization. 

With this software you can: 

  • Manage your volunteer scheduling
  • Track volunteer hours
  • Manage event volunteering
  • Manage and segment volunteers based on skills
  • Handle documents like liability waivers and eSignatures

With this volunteer management system, both your nonprofit team and your volunteers can login and track their hours they’ve completed. Or they can sign up for new shifts, whether it’s for an event or another volunteer opportunity! 

Volunteer Engagement: 

While the volunteer management portion of the software is comprehensive, most reviews raved about the volunteer engagement features! 

With Get Connected, you can: 

  • Create volunteer landing pages to promote upcoming volunteer opportunities
  • Create volunteer calendars so supporters can see what’s happening in the future
  • Offer volunteer badges to encourage engagement and community
  • Segment volunteers and offer volunteer opportunities for groups who want to volunteer together
  • Promote unique volunteer opportunities for people who have specific skills and interests

Now sure, that all sounds great. But what does it mean for your nonprofit? According to organizations who used Get Connected, they’ve seen an increase in volunteer engagement and community. They think these features are the contributing factors to making volunteers feel like they are a part of something incredible! 

How Does It Work for Volunteer Recruitment?

Plenty of nonprofits find getting volunteers to be a challenge. 

So the big question! How does this volunteer management system help with volunteer recruitment? 

Many users have said that the ability to customize landing pages and promote unique volunteer opportunities leads to more supporters signing up. Not only that, but quite a few users said that they were able to recruit quickly and get all of the help they needed. Plus, they said that because the system is so easy to use, they’re not discouraged from selecting shifts for volunteer opportunities. 

So, this is an excellent tool to incorporate into your volunteer recruitment strategies for nonprofits! 

Volunteer Communication:

Volunteer management systems are great for, well, managing. But what about making sure everyone’s on the same page? 

What about giving important information to every volunteer before their shift starts? 

And what about nurturing volunteers so they keep coming back time and time again? 

That’s where communication comes in! The great news is Get Connected knows how important it is. And they didn’t forget to include it in the software. 

From emails to text messaging. And from sending out automated messages to sharing volunteer opportunities on social media – this volunteer management system does it all! 

And they also know the importance of creating a personalized experience, so they’ve included the ability to customize your messages before sending them out. That’s something your volunteers will love. 

Volunteer Reporting: 

We would be sad if there wasn’t a reporting option for this volunteer management system. You know we love how data storytelling fuels our decision-making process! 

Luckily, you can pull all kinds of volunteer reports to help you create better experiences in the future. 

And they even know the importance of data storytelling and how visual information makes a difference in how we understand things! So, you can create infographics based on your volunteer data in the system. 

Two volunteers for a nonprofit work to clean up the beach from trash.

So many nonprofits rely on volunteers to keep their mission running. And to better manage the unique challenges of managing and engaging volunteers, a proper volunteer management system is necessary! 

If that sounds like something you need, then it may be a great idea to check out Get Connected. 

And if you’re looking for ways to create an even more engaging volunteer experience, then this free training at CharityHowTo might help you! 

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