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Social Media Ads for Nonprofits: Double Your Donations with This One Tool

We’ve talked about the significance of a social media strategy for nonprofits. And we’ve also discussed the top social media tools for nonprofits! 

But we want to share one single tool that can help you double your donations and your social media efforts. 

It’s a little somethin’ called social media ads for nonprofits. 

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What Are Social Media Ads for Nonprofits?

There are two kinds of results you can get from using social media for nonprofits. One is organic results. That’s when you put in all the effort and let followers find you naturally. And it definitely works, as long as you stay consistent with your nonprofit social media plan. 

The other type of result is paid results. That comes from running social media ads for nonprofits. And let us tell you – those results can seriously double your donations and skyrocket your metrics!

How Do Social Media Campaigns for Nonprofits Skyrocket Your Metrics?

The thing about social media campaigns for nonprofits is you have a little more skin in the game. 

Rather than solely putting in time and effort into creating content for your nonprofit social media accounts and achieving organic results… 

With social media campaigns, you’re putting money on the line. So, naturally, you want to know what it can do for your nonprofit organization to make sure it’s worth it! 

We understand that. And we’ve gotcha covered! Here’s how social media ads for nonprofits can help your nonprofit social results: 

1. Get Super Specific on Who You’re Trying to Reach

With organic social media, you’re making content out there for anybody and everybody. And while the results can be awesome (we’re looking at you, viral content!), it can also feel like you’re trying to do a whole lot with little reward. 

With social media ads, you can get super specific on who you’re trying to reach. When you create your social media campaigns for your nonprofit, you can plug in specific demographics and characteristics. That will help your nonprofit social media ads get in front of the right audience! 

2. Open the Door to a Wider Donor Database

When you post organic social media content, you’re reaching out to your current audience of supporters. Now, granted, it can still be found by newcomers, which is great! 

But with social media ads for nonprofits, you’re not targeting your current audience. You’re putting your mission in front of a brand new pool of people. They’re awesome for boosting brand awareness for people who may never have heard of your nonprofit before! 

3. You Can Create Multiple Social Media Campaigns for Your Nonprofit

When it comes to your organic social media platforms, you’re kind of stuck with the one channel. Everything you create is published on that one account. So, even though you might need new volunteers to sign up for an event you’re hosting, your content might not reach the right parts of your audience who can do that. 

But! With social media ads for nonprofits, you can create multiple social media campaigns for your nonprofit. You can create a campaign that’s specifically meant to nurture supporters and boost nonprofit brand awareness. These focus on educating and informing your supporters of what your mission does! 

You can have a second social media campaign for nonprofits that focuses on asking warmed-up supporters for their monetary contributions. These focus on sharing how their donation helps your cause! 

And then (bear with us because we nerd out over how exciting this is!), you can have another campaign that targets supporters who’ve donated in the past. In this campaign, you can ask them to sign up for a monthly donor program!  

For each one, you can select a different target audience! That’s perfect for nonprofits because some people may be local and want to volunteer for your organization. Others may be further away or too busy, and they would rather make a monetary contribution. 

And all of that just can’t quite be done by strictly using organic social media for nonprofits. 

4. Speed Up the Donor’s Journey with Social Media Ads for Nonprofits

Everyone sees advertisements all day long. And because we’re bombarded with ads all day long, it takes a little longer for us to decide we want to follow through with a purchase. 

The same thing happens with potential donors for your nonprofit! 

So marketers back in the 1930s realized that potential buyers of anything (including nonprofit supporters!) need to “hear” (back when the radio was the thing) something 7 times before they take action to buy it. 

And now? Some marketers are saying people need to see something even more! Think around 15 times before somebody remembers it enough and decides to take action. 

You don’t have to rely on social media algorithms to show your content to your audience. You can speed up the entire process! 

Social media ads for nonprofits help you get your message to your potential supporters so much quicker! 

5. Get More Analytics for Your Donor Database

Now, social media platforms for nonprofits often include analytics for you to measure as you post. 

But with social media campaigns for nonprofits, you open the door to so much more! Analytics can tell you exactly how well your campaigns performed. So you can always improve when you run your next one. 

You’ll find out what kind of content is working best for your donors. And you’ll find out more about your supporters who are taking action! That’s perfect for your donor database.

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How to Get Started with Social Media Ads for Nonprofits? 

We’ll tell you right away – if you’re not prepared, running social media campaigns for nonprofits can be a doozy. 

But it doesn’t have to be! With some quick training, you can learn how to use the different social media ad platforms like Facebook Ads Manager. And start reaping the benefits of this incredible nonprofit tool. 

Want to get started? Our sister site, CharityHowTo, has a nonprofit training on social media ads! 

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