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50+ Software Discounts for Nonprofits: The Best Tech Tools that Offer Nonprofit Options

We know nonprofit organizations are on a strict budget. But, that doesn’t mean you have any less need for awesome software to help you manage your mission. 

We’ve rounded up 50+ software discounts for nonprofits for some of the best tech tools you can get your hands on! 

A nonprofit professional uses her computer to check her nonprofit organization’s technology, while she writes notes in her notebook

The Ultimate List of Software Discounts for Nonprofits:

* PLEASE NOTE: Our list of software discounts for nonprofits is based on research of what’s currently available as of now. 

We do not receive any compensation for these products at Nonprofit-Apps. We are solely giving you this information to help you find the best nonprofit software discounts for your organization. 

Some of these tech tools are contributors to our sister sites, Nonprofit Library and CharityHowTo.* 

Software Discounts for Nonprofits for Project Management

Streamline your nonprofit organization with these project management tech tools! From mapping out nonprofit content marketing to checking off “to-do lists,” these software discounts for nonprofits will help you manage any projects you’re working on!

1. AirTable

Nonprofit Discount: 50% off Plus or Pro licensing

A project management tool that lets you map out each task of your projects. You can work with team members by assigning certain tasks to certain people. And you can check things off as you go! (So nice for Type-A personalities who love a checklist.)

2. Asana

Nonprofit Discount: 50% off Asana Premium or Business plans

A project management tool that lets you create workflows for your projects, campaigns, and other creative production in your nonprofit organization. It’s great for boosting productivity among your team members!

3. Basecamp

Nonprofit Discount: 10% off

Another nonprofit project management tool that lets you work collaboratively with your team members. With to-do lists, message boards, and even group chats, you can work together to get things done. 

4. ClickUp

Nonprofit Discount: 35% off

Their tagline is “one app to replace them all.” And boy do they work hard at that! With the ability to manage tasks, open up documents, chat with team members, set goals, and even more this nonprofit project management software does it all. Snag that awesome nonprofit software discount, too! 

5. Evernote

Nonprofit Discount: 75% off of Evernote Business

Organize every last part of your nonprofit organization with this task management tool! 

6. Monday.com

Nonprofit Discount: Get in touch with a representative for more information.

Monday works hard to let you handle just about everything for your nonprofit organization in one software. From creative and design to IT. And from marketing and project management to HR and operations. You can do it all from Monday!

7. Notion

Nonprofit Discount: 50% off 

A customizable nonprofit project management software, Notion is an incredibly unique tool. You can create and manage just about any task within this software. And you can build it in a way that works for your nonprofit organization.

8. Todoist

Nonprofit Discount: 50% off business plan

If you love checklists and organization, you can’t go wrong with Todoist. Make your to-do lists, and then check ‘em off. And grab that 50% software discount for nonprofits, too!

9. Trello

Nonprofit Discount: 75% off Trello Business Class and Enterprise plans

One of our all-time favorites at Nonprofit Apps! Map out your project tasks, assign tasks to certain members, and collaborate easily with Trello. Watch your productivity skyrocket, too. And snag it all with the awesome Trello for nonprofits software discount. 

Software Discounts for Nonprofits for Communication and Collaboration

A large part of growing your nonprofit organization is communicating and collaborating effectively! Use these software discounts for nonprofits to help you do that: 

10. Dropbox

Nonprofit Discount: Get in touch with a representative for more information.

Share files and information with team members using Dropbox. 

11. Google Workspace

Communicate effectively and collaborate easily with Google Workspace. From Gmail to Google Calendars, you’ll notice that working with your team members and other departments gets much easier. 

Nonprofit Discount: Free for registered nonprofits

12. Microsoft Office 365

Nonprofit Discount: Office 365 Nonprofit Business Essentials can be donated

Same with Google Workspace, Microsoft Office 365 is an excellent way to stay in communication with your team members. 

13. Slack

Nonprofit Discount: Eligible nonprofits can receive a free or discounted upgrade of one workspace to a paid plan. 

One of our favorite nonprofit communication tools, Slack is a great way to stay connected and keep each other up to date with projects and tasks. 

14. Twist

Nonprofit Discount: 50% off Twist Unlimited Plan

Another excellent team messaging tool, this one boasts improved productivity because it won’t keep you distracted all day! 

15. Zoom

Nonprofit Discount: 36% discount for 1-year Pro Plan; 79% discount for 1-year Business Plan

Video conferencing has never been the same since Zoom came onto the scene! Still one of the best options available for your nonprofit organization to video chat with team members. 

Software Discounts for Nonprofits for CRM Software

We’ve talked about the importance of choosing the best CRM software for nonprofits to help you build relationships. But these CRM software come with a fabulous software discount for nonprofits! And that’s hard to beat! 

16. HubSpot

Nonprofit Discount: Get in touch with a representative for more information.

HubSpot is a great CRM software for nonprofits that includes a marketing hub, a sales hub, and customer management software all in one. 

17. Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

Nonprofit Discount: Get in touch with a representative for more information.

Salesforce is known as one of the best CRM systems for businesses all around the world. And now you can get Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, which is a similar system, but it’s designed specifically for nonprofits!

18. Zoho

Nonprofit Discount: Get in touch with a representative for more information.

A customizable CRM software that also works as a donor database for nonprofits, Zoho offers a software discount for nonprofits! 

Software Discounts for Nonprofits for Content Creation and Graphics

Nonprofit content marketing is king. And, in this day and age, you can’t afford to not be creating content of some kind. Whether you need graphics for your Instagram, or you need visual branding, these software discounts for nonprofits will help. 

19. 99Designs

Nonprofit Discount: Apply for the 99nonprofits program to receive $500 in platform credits. 

Find a graphic designer to help you create graphics for your nonprofit. Or, you can “start a contest” to invite the creative community to participate in your project. Then you pick your favorite!

20. Adobe Creative Suite

Nonprofit Discount: Get in touch with a representative for more information.

Adobe has been one of the leading software for graphic design for several years now. And now you can snag a nonprofit software discount for their program! 

21. Canva for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Discount: Free for registered nonprofits

We love Canva for nonprofits! You can use this tool to create incredible graphics without having to have a degree in graphic design. 

If you want to learn more about how to use Canva, head over to our sister site, Nonprofit Library!

Watch a FREE Training for Canva Pro for Nonprofits at Nonprofit Library 

22. Grammarly

Nonprofit Discount: Free Grammarly Business plan

Get second eyes on any written content or copywriting for your nonprofit organization. From double-checking your spelling and grammar to making sure your content uses the right tone, this writing tool is incredible. And you can’t go wrong with the amazing software discount for nonprofits!

23. Venngage for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Discount: Apply for a Venngage nonprofit discount. 

Create awesome infographics to use in your email newsletters, social media content, blog posts, and more!

Software Discounts for Nonprofits for Team Members and Recruitment

Managing and connecting with your team members through nonprofit communication is a core part of the nonprofit process. Not to mention, staying in contact with your teammates is great for keeping silo’ed departments at bay. These nonprofit software discounts will help you make sure everyone is on the same page!

24. Bullhorn

Nonprofit Discount: Get in touch with a representative for more information.

Track applicants, manage onboarding, and more with this software discount for nonprofits!

25. JazzHR

Nonprofit Discount: Get in touch with a representative for more information.

Recruit the right people who care about your mission. And hire successfully! 

26. LinkedIn for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Discount: 90% off job postings

Find qualified candidates to work for your nonprofit! 

27. Timetastic

Nonprofit Discount: 50% off

Allow your team members to track their PTO and vacation using the desktop or mobile app. 

28. Toggl for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Discount: Get in touch with a representative for more information.

If you have team members who work hourly for your nonprofit, then take up Toggl’s software discounts for nonprofits. 

Software Discounts for Nonprofits for Automation and Streamlining

Keeping your nonprofit streamlined is the major key to an organization’s growth! So using automation tools to help you connect all of your nonprofit apps is a game-changer. Use these software discounts for nonprofits to get started!

29. Automate.io

Nonprofit Discount: Get in touch with a representative for more information.

Set up automated workflows to help streamline your nonprofit organization. 

30. Zapier

Nonprofit Discount: 15% off

Zapier may be the king of automated workflows. And with integrations to several different technologies in nonprofits, like nonprofit CRM software, nonprofit email marketing software, nonprofit accounting software, and more, you can’t go wrong with this one!

Software Discounts for Nonprofits for Accounting, Financial, and Online Donations

While we’ve discussed nonprofit accounting software you should know about, there are some incredible software discounts for nonprofits that you need to be aware of, too. From accounting software to financial payment software, to online donation platforms for nonprofits – there are great discounts available!

31. Aplos Accounting

Nonprofit Discount: 1% off transaction fees if registered as a 501c3, 30% off organizations collecting less than $50K in revenue annually, 6 months free if nonprofit is less than 1 year old

Manage your unique financial situation with accounting software designed specifically for nonprofits! 

32. Eventbrite 

Nonprofit Discount: 20% off transaction fee

Promote your next nonprofit event, whether it’s in-person or it’s a virtual fundraising event! 

33. PayPal

Nonprofit Discount: 24% off transaction fee

PayPal is a quick and easy way to accept donations from supporters. Not to mention, it’s widely known – so chances are, your supporters already use it!

34. Quickbooks

Nonprofit Discount: Find multiple nonprofit discount options for Quickbooks through

35. TechSoup

One of the most popular account software programs on the market, Quickbooks is a great tool to use to manage your nonprofit financial situation.

36. Stripe

Nonprofit Discount: Get in touch with a representative for more information.

Stripe is a great way to accept monetary donations through credit or debit cards. 

37. WaveAccounting

Nonprofit Discount: Free for registered nonprofits

Manage your nonprofit financial situation with Wave Accounting! Through their software discount for nonprofits, it’s completely free to use!

38. Xero

Nonprofit Discount: 25% off subscription after 30-day free trial

Another great nonprofit accounting software, Xero is a robust platform that is great for mid-size and large-size nonprofits! 

Software Discounts for Nonprofits for Forms, Surveys, and Market Research

Surveying your community and asking them what they want to see from your nonprofit organization is a great way to keep your donors and supporters informed. Use forms and surveys to help you with your nonprofit market research! These software discounts for nonprofits can get you started: 

39. JotForm

Nonprofit Discount: 50% off

Powerful forms to help you get as much information from your supporters as possible. 

40. SurveyMonkey

Nonprofit Discount: 25% off

Conduct nonprofit market research with this survey tool. Create forms to better interview volunteers or make surveys to gather nonprofit donor feedback!

41. Typeform

Nonprofit Discount: Get in touch with a representative for more information.

Customize beautiful surveys and forms that look and feel like your nonprofit organization! 

Software Discounts for Nonprofits for Digital Marketing

Where would we be without digital marketing? It’s the way to get your name out there so people know you and your great work exist. But if you’re not careful, digital marketing efforts can eat away at your nonprofit budget. So use these software discounts for nonprofits to get more bang for your buck!

42. BuzzSumo

Nonprofit Discount: 40% off

Analyze content effectively to learn what’s working and what’s not in the nonprofit sector! 

43. Dreamhost

Nonprofit Discount: Free shared hosting plan for U.S.- based nonprofits; 35% off on DreamPress plans

Host your nonprofit website with DreamHost and connect it through powerful nonprofit CMS like WordPress. 

44. Google Ad Grants

Nonprofit Discount: Up to $10,000 per month in Google Ad spend

You can take advantage of up to $10,000 per month in Google Ads by filling out their application. 

And our sister site, CharityHowTo, has an entire FREE training to get you started with Google Ad Grants. 

Watch the FREE Training for Google Ad Grants 101 at CharityHowTo

45. Visual Website Optimizer

Nonprofit Discount: 50% off 

A/B test your nonprofit website copywriting with this optimization tool! And a service that’s often too expensive for nonprofit organizations can easily be snagged at 50% off with this software discount for nonprofits!

46. Wix

Nonprofit Discount: Free 1-year Combo Premium Plan

Wix, a great option as a nonprofit CMS, is a great drag-and-drop website builder. Get your nonprofit’s website up and running quickly with this tool!

Software Discounts for Nonprofits for Email Marketing

You know us! We firmly believe that email marketing is the furthest thing from dead. It’s alive and well, friend! So if you’re looking for some of the best nonprofit email marketing software, we’ve got you covered. 

47. AWeber

Nonprofit Discount: Free for first 3 months, then 25% off

Take your email marketing efforts up a notch with AWeber! You can even build landing pages and set up eCommerce pages from this tool, too. 

48. Campaign Monitor

Nonprofit Discount: 15% off

Personalize every email campaign you send out and watch your conversions grow!

49. Constant Contact

Nonprofit Discount: 20% off

Another email marketing software that’s great for nonprofits, you can snag 20% off through their software discounts for nonprofits. 

50. MailChimp

Nonprofit Discount: 15% off

One of our favorite email marketing software for nonprofits, MailChimp is a great way to elevate your email efforts. 

51. VerticalResponse

Nonprofit Discount: Free if sending less than 10,000 emails per month. 15% off monthly plans if sending more than 10,000 emails per month.

Take advantage of their nonprofit software discount and get started creating beautiful emails in just minutes!

Software Discounts for Nonprofits for Social Media

Taking care of posting and staying active on social media platforms for nonprofits doesn’t have to take all day and all night. These software discounts for nonprofits help you manage all of your social media accounts easily! 

52. Buffer

Nonprofit Discount: 50% off Buffer Publish plans

Build your nonprofit audience organically with Buffer. With in-house analytics, scheduling, engagement, and more, you can watch your nonprofit community grow. 

53. HootSuite

Nonprofit Discount: 75% off HootSuite professional and team plans

Manage all of your social media accounts from one platform. Schedule your posts and even respond to notifications without opening each individual social app up!

54. Later

Nonprofit Discount: 50% off annual and monthly subscription plans

Get help with nonprofit social media content ideas and schedule everything out with this platform!

55. LinkTree

Nonprofit Discount: Free for LinkTree Pro plans

Clearly and easily direct your supporters from your nonprofit’s social media accounts to your website, email list, blog, and more! 

Software Discounts for Nonprofits for Analytics and Reporting

Now, you know you want to see how well all of your nonprofit marketing efforts are doing! That’s where analytics and reporting come in. These software discounts for nonprofits make analytics and reporting even easier. 

56. HotJar

Nonprofit Discount: Free Business Plan for nonprofits

Analyze how your supporters interact with your nonprofit website with this heatmap tool! 

57. Moz

Nonprofit Discount: 75% off MozPro plans

Get your nonprofit website ranking higher on Google through MozPro, which helps you with SEO. 

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